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Class Types


Did you know that increased oxygen consumption burns more fat? A 30min high-intensity bodyweight workout will get your heart pumping and your lungs working hard.  If fat burning or weight loss is one of your goals – this is the class for you. If you know HiiT then this is my version.

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Our core consists of abdominal and back muscles. By strengthening the postural muscles, we will stand and sit more erect, appearing taller, slimmer and more confident, also reducing the risk of injury later on.  

Suitable for pregnant women wanting to stay strong and recover more quickly post birth.

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If you can't get to our sessions in person then join us online for all the regular variety of classes.  Perfect for the mums at home, busy executives, or anyone time-poor.  Get real-time personal training in your own home or at the park. Do recordings in your own time if you like & add to a walk/ jog/ ride.

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Circuit training increases your metabolism while strengthening your muscles and bones.  You’ll feel stronger and enhance your body’s ability to burn fat.  Resistance training is form of strength training using weights or bodyweight and is recommended at least twice a week.  

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Tight muscles can cause poor posture, neck, back, knee pain and difficulty performing daily tasks.

Yoga complements everything our other sessions offer by stretching & strengthening your muscles.  Give your body a tune up so it’s more efficient and recovers better - ready to go again.

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Can you walk up the stairs at work, run for the train, or keep up with your kids etc? If you’d like to learn how to go from a walker to a jogger, or jogger to runner I can show you how.

Doing my interval style sessions you will definitely improve your speed and fitness, along with all the other classes

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