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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Why should you train with me?

Your success is my success!  I'm passionate about health and fitness and I want you to feel the same.  I want you to come to me with a lifestyle priority that I can help you achieve.
I can help you because of my 22 years experience as a trainer, plus my passion and extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition.  I've taken loads of supplements over 25 years and finally found the best and only one I will endorse.  I also walk the walk.  I train effectively 6 days a week to be a role model to you.  I give you the type of training I do to get into shape, so you know it works!

Unlimited Training 

* Unlimited outdoor group personal training classes & online $195 per month 

* Online and hybrid only $95 a month.  Hybrid is online at the same time as a live class

Classes & Zoom 

* 1hr a week in person classes & zoom $140 a month.

Casual Outdoor

* Casual outdoor group personal training is $28 per 50+mins or $18 for a 30min session

Training and Nutrition   

* Please feel free to email me for additional information about our nutrition training.

Family Package 

* To be eligible for the family training package, all family members must reside within the same household.

We also have family, health and weight loss packages plus One on One personal training.  Call me to discuss these & what will work best for you, your budget and what you want to achieve.

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