Why do 1 on 1 Personal training?

You may feel intimidated in a group if you're just starting out.  If you're new to weights it's good to get your technique perfected before joining the group.  Or you may have a specific goal that you feel will be better achieved on your own.  Sometimes it's good to just have all eyes on You and 100% attention to your needs.  You might just want pushing to your maximum, whatever your priority is, you get.

Small group personal training .. with a difference

Don't know how to get started on your fitness and weightloss journey?

Do you lack motivation or just need someone to work with?  I can help make nutrition and exercise easy.

When you train at IFS it's not just another one of those sterile outdoor group personal training or fitness groups in Melbourne. We think we're different!

We support and encourage each other with our group workouts as any 'effective' team does and we all work on our fitness training together.

But it's more than just gaining fitness or losing weight. The focus is on healthy behaviours, rather than a focus on reducing body size.  You find many long lasting friendships are formed.  You're not just another anonymous face at the gym, but rather, you're a liked and valued member of our personal training team.

And just like any 'team' ... if you don't turn up to class without notifying me, you can expect a text to find out if you're Ok, and your fellow members will be asking where you are.  

If you have any niggles or an injury, don't let it fester.  I have well recommended Allied Health practitioners that I use to get you back on track, so nip it in the bud immediately.  We don't want you missing out on class - you'll get FOMO!

Why do group training classes?

Working out in a group is the best.  It keeps the cost of your fitness classes down but you are still getting the individual attention you need.

Group outdoor training gets you outside in fresh air, is very social, and at the same time you're getting a great fitness or weight loss workout.

You get to meet a whole range or new people who may share the same goals and you share sucess by achieving your fitness or weight loss goals together.

You can encourage each other and be motivated by others, including of course, your group outdoor personal trainer ... me!

You can even benefit from the competitive spirit by aspiring to reach someone else's fitness level and when you beat them they can aim to catch back up with you.

Get your own group together

Are you a member of a mothers group and would like to have your own mums and bubs class?
Does your office need some lunchtime training or yoga for 30 or 45 mins?
Does your child have sports training you have to get them to and wait around? Why not get other parents together and have your own training session?
There's always a way to get a quick session in and you only need 20 mins. Ask me how!



Exercise is a must for everyone. There are no excuses because you are pregnant or recently had a baby. You just need to make the necessary modifications and allowances for your situation when the time comes.

It's really best to aim for strength and fitness before you get pregnant so you have a good base to work off.

So if you are trying to get pregnant and don't already exercise, it's best to start a program right now.

This will put you in good stead for when you are pregnant and there is evidence that improved fitness and weight loss can increase your chances of falling pregnant.

If you have a reasonable current fitness level, you can continue on with what you are doing until you can't. Everyone is different so just LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Some of our people can keep going with personal training or fitness training right up to the time they give birth. Other people get very tired or develop gestational diabetes or even a bad back due to weak postural muscles.  This is of course just another reason to have a strong core before baby comes! And, it means you will bounce back from childbirth much quicker.

So what happens when everyone else is doing certain exercises you shouldn't?

This is where I come in as your Personal Trainer. You will then get your own program within the program.  Modifications to any exercises required will be given for you to continue and get the best workout for you and your baby.  After you give birth once given the all clear to recommence exercise, you will just start off with a more gentle program and progress to work your way back up - with your baby of course!

Pre or Post Pregnancy?  Work on your core back and ab strength for greater recovery.  

You can bring your new baby in the pram to our 9am sessions and most evenings (except cardio when we move around). We love new babies!

And do remember, if you can't get to some sessions due to your commitments, then my Fit in 15 Fitness Workout eBooks are perfect for use when you're pregnant and at home.