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Setting weight loss and fitness goals and having someone hold your hand along the way is the best way to stay on track with your fitness. With my vast knowledge and experience, receive the support to help you set realistic exercise and nutrition goals that will make a genuine difference. Whether it be fat loss or doing a personal best or just staying healthy, I will make sure you achieve what you set out to.  

Personal service:

Don’t make it to class? Expect an email or text from me, asking where you are. The people at the local gym don’t care if you don’t go – but I do!

Correct technique:

Some personal training instructors simply stand in front of their class and bark orders. As your Personal Trainer I am there to improve your training techniques, to reduce the risk of injury and maximise your weight loss and fitness results.  Oh and I still bark orders, ha ha.


How many friends and lasting relationships have you made at the gym? With my unique fitness and weight loss classes, people get the opportunity to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals in a friendly, sociable environment. And if you need a training buddy, I can help link you up with someone who shares your interests.

Variety & flexibility:

Our lives today are busier than ever. I offer unlimited sessions PLUS quickie sessions for the time-poor. You have 9 different types of sessions to choose from. Being bored with your exercise regime is the fastest way to give up on your fitness goals. My outdoor group training classes are interesting and fun – aimed at inspiring you to maintain motivation and prevent a training plateau by helping you to push through and achieve results.


For less than $40 a week you can participate in as many group outdoor training sessions as you like and access our online classes!  You'll still receive individual attention – with exercise advice tailored to your individual needs. Injured? Let me know and I can guide you to exercise safely in other ways. With so many classes targeting different parts of your body, there is always a way around it – ensuring you stick to your fitness goals and keep moving.  What if you can only get to 1 session a week?   Then you can come for $20 a week.

Tailored for you:
If you can't get to our group personal training classes regularly and would like a home program, then speak to me about tailoring something just for you.  Or you can get my FREE ebook - Fit in 15 Vol 1 - Workouts for Anyone, Anywhere or Vol 2 - only $10! (click on the front page)
Do you go to the gym  and not sure what to do so you jump on a bike, cross trainer or treadmill? BORING!!!  Also not effective.  Let me create a program just for you utilizing all the fun equipment you see everyone else using and get more bang for your buck.

If you refer a friend who joins the Inspired Fitness Solutions outdoor group fitness program for 3 months, you will receive a $50 gift voucher as a 'thankyou' upon their completion.
It doesn't stop there - refer a 2nd friend and get 1 month training for FREE!*   WOW!  (*when they are in month 3, yours will be free)

As a valued member I guarantee you regular updates and followups / critique on your technique / friendly environment / challenging and fun sessions / no fluffiness / modifications for injuries

I have over 19 years experience as a Personal Trainer – When it comes to your body, only an experienced personal trainer can provide a truly safe workout.

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Inspired Fitness Solutions

Group Outdoor Personal Training & Wholefood Nutrition

Located at Basterfield Park Hampton East Mon to Fri & Bayside beaches Sat

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