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Strong is the new Skinny

Updated: Feb 26, 2019


A woman who is strong is confident. She holds her head high, stands tall from good posture, she looks & feels good so she is competitive in her field. Gone are the days when you had to be size 0 to look good. Now we can see a bit of muscle to define us, but not too much so we maintain our femininity.

We don’t have to starve ourselves anymore thank goodness. With the right resistance training at high intensity for shorter periods, we can do away with long boring cardio workouts & have more free time to enjoy our food & family. I know I’d rather that, & I love training! So it’s great for those who are time poor & hate exercise but know they have to do it.

Gyms are getting in on the act & creating small groups or classes that go for 30 mins, or you could hire a Personal Trainer for 30 mins to get a great fat burning workout in a short time frame. No need for overtraining. People are still under the impression the more time you spend working out the more calories you’ll burn – WRONG! It’s all about the type of workout.

So don’t despair. If you’ve been trying to lose weight & get fit the hard way – there is an easier way. Have you been doing the same workout since forever? Change it up. Have you been going morning & night? Stop it! Are you constantly on a diet? Stop that too. A few simple changes to your training & diet, without going on a “restrictive diet” could make a big difference to your body shape & health.

Remember stick figures are out & healthy is in. Contact your local Personal trainer for some ideas or contact me for more information on how to be stronger, leaner & fitter. I do online programs for your home or gym, or you can get my ebooks Fit in 15 Vol 1 & 2.


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