Why should you train with me?

Your success is my success!  I'm passionate about health and fitness and I want you to feel the same.  I want you to come to me with a lifestyle priority that I can help you achieve.
I can help you because of my 20 years experience as a trainer, plus my passion and extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition.  I've taken loads of supplements over 25 years and finally found the best and only one I will endorse.  I also walk the walk.  I train effectively 6 days a week to be a role model to you.  I give you the type of training I do to get into shape, so you know it works!

How often should you train?


It's now proven what we've known for years - 30mins 5 times a week is optimal.  3 times needs to be resistance training - so either weights or body weight exercises.   That's why I designed the timetable so you can train 6 days if you want and do 30mins or more.  If early mornings are your thing, then use my Fitness ebooks to train Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at home.  Same if you only want 9am sessions, I can give you guidance for Tuesday - Thursday.  Nights have you sorted plus Saturday & then do your own thing on Sundays.  Consistency is key.

Group training sessions timetable

We offer group training classes 6 days a week from Monday thru Saturday.

Group training sessions start as early as 6am for those who want to train before work or early in the day and we also offer group exercise classes at 6pm and 6:30pm during the week.  We also offer Online live classes 3 days a week or you can do the recording in your own time.

Call me to discuss what sessions would be best for your goals.

Group Personal Training rates

Group personal training session rates are $40 a week ($170 per month) for unlimited outdoor group training classes & online.

For 1hr a week in person classes & zoom it's $125 a month.

The casual rate for outdoor group persoal training is $25 per hour. Or you have the option of only $20 for a 45min session or $15 for a 30min class.

Online only is $60 a month.

We also have family, health and weight loss packages.  Call me to discuss these & what will work best for you, your budget and what you want to achieve.

Locations:  Why stay indoors?  Join us at Basterfield Park, Dane Rd, Hampton East & various beach locations between Brighton & Sandringham Saturday mornings (ask me for details).  You don't have to worry about Melbourne's fickle weather as we have access to undercover.

Why not give us a try?

So, if you're looking for 'group personal training near me' and you live in or near Hampton in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, why not come and try one of our group outdoor personal training classes?

If you're looking to get in shape, group outdoor personal fitness training is the way to go! Join me for variety filled, fun sessions with great people!  We think you'll enjoy it.

Or, if you're still not sure, why not give me a call on 0411 268 732 and I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have.


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