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Following up from my first ebook I've added the humble resistance band to the workouts.  If you're a busy mum & can only squeeze in 15mins around nap time, then this is perfect for you. Wouldn't you like a guide to doing a fitness workout where ever you are?

Get my Fit in 15 minutes workouts for anyone, anywhere ebook which you can take with you on your mobile device, tablet or laptop and keep your fitness level up on the go!

This ebook contains 4 workouts any fitness level can do anywhere. In the hotel room, in the office, at the park … anywhere! It includes pictures and instructions to help you do the exercises correctly, reducing the likelihood of injury.

And you can mix and match exercises to come up with your own tailored workout that suits you perfectly. Or, mix things up with Volume 1 to vary your training routine and keep it interesting.

One of the reasons why this ebook is so handy for travellers and those not able to easily get to one of our group outdoor training sessions or to the gym, is that you only need a resistance band & mat (the cones & rope are optional). Thus, these fitness workouts can be done anytime and anywhere!

And … it's only $10!

I put this ebook together to help you because of my 18 years experience as a trainer, plus my passion & extensive knowledge of fitness means I can give you the type of training I do to keep in shape when travelling, so you know it works!


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