Very inspiring and encouraging at all levels of fitness.  I've been training with Carolyn more than 3 years now, and previously 4 years, which speaks volumes. I'm sure I could not have kept up a gym membership for that long.


Carolyn's classes are not only enjoyable, but she has a knack for being able to tailor exercises for a wide variety of fitness levels. The location is a beautiful park and it is invigorating to be able to exercise at my own pace in the fresh air. Lovely group to join and Carolyn clearly brings years of expertise to each class. Having not exercised other than walking for years, I am so glad I chose Inspired Fitness Solutions. Thanks Carolyn


I have been training with IFS for 4 years now & would like to thank Carolyn for her continued support towards my health & fitness.
I would describe how I feel at present after a session as energized, refreshed, satisfied & above all - happy! Carolyn takes the effort to make each session different, she keeps in touch with members, makes sessions adventurous, fun & inspiring & she cares.
I have no qualms in recommending IFS.


I've been coming for 5 years now and these outdoor fitness sessions have been consistently high quality. Carolyn always runs these sessions well and there is always a lot of variety, so they never get boring and it is easy to stay motivated. Despite working in a group, Carolyn still finds a way to keep the sessions personal and cater for our individual goals.

Since attending these sessions I feel like a much happier and healthier person. I am losing weight and gaining muscle, and feel more energetic in general. I would highly recommend Carolyn, and do so to my family and friends. Carolyn's sessions are affordable and given their quality are great value for money - I would expect to pay a lot more.

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Inspired Fitness Solutions

Group Outdoor Personal Training & Wholefood Nutrition

Located at Basterfield Park Hampton East Mon to Fri & Bayside beaches Sat

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